Native American Horse Art

screenshot of Native American horse art

Native American Horse Art: An Introduction

The importance of Native American horse art really goes without saying, as far as the horse being a traditional art muse for ages. When it comes to Native American horse art, the presence of the horse has been prominent for good reason. Their existence helped others live a longer life, by providing their loyalty and service through numerous different activities. This included being a helpful ally in time of war, a reliable domestic mode of transportation, and enriching the lives of many by their mere presence.

It’s not unusual that these beautiful animals are featured in a number of different types of Native American horse art. Whether it be an art type for the horse itself or a specialized Native American horse art form, which emulates their shape in some way, horses have been an appreciate animal by most Native Americans over the span of countless years.

Native American Horse Art: Celebratory Garb

Due to the beauty and loyalty of the horses of the past, the tradition of decorating a horse with beautiful pieces of cloth, beads, and embroidered saddles, lives on in the present. Usually, this type of Native American horse art is most commonly present during festivities or other special occasions. War paint, colorful blankets, and masks are also used often, apart from ceremonial dress for the animals.

Native American Horse Art: Horse Masking

These Native American horse art masks are used as part of a truly ancient tradition. Not quite as usual as they once were, horse masking is rumored to have gone as far back as five centuries in the past. Truly one of the oldest types of Native American horse art. These masks were commonly made out of wool, wood carved accents, leather, feathers, and cotton.

They were made special, specifically meant to frame the individual horse’s face. It’s similar to the armored head pieces that some European cultures have used in old medieval times. It’s actually rumored that these Native American horse art masks were inspired by the metal plating helms of the Spanish Conquistadors and their war horse armor.

Native American Horse Art: Paintings

Whether it be with water colors or the ever popular medium of colorful oil paintings, horses have been featured in countless works of Native American horse art. Symbols were even painted on the horses themselves, each Native American horse art symbol holding its own meaning. When it comes to Native American horse art, this can be seen as one of the most original types.

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