Native American Art History

About Native American Art History

Native American Art History is lush with a vast contribution to the American art culture. From jewelry, beading, quillwork, pottery, basketry, to the popular “dreamcatcher craze”, the variety and the beauty of Native American art history is expansive as America itself.

America and Native American Art History

Native American Art History is a comprehensive legacy of arts comprised of complex as well as unique forms of art developed over years. The “First American” indigenous peoples were extremely skilled people with a deep committed spirituality which was influenced in their crafts and art. Native American art history reveals the spirit of a broad spectrum of diverse and creative peoples.

Some of the most popular Native American Art History forms noted throughout American history include jewelry and stonework, practical crafts for everyday living, as well as objects designed to incorporate spiritual and community beliefs.

Native American Art History suggests the Native Americans were reputed to be extremely skilled at complex carved designs that took inspiration from nature as well as spiritual underpinnings as well as cultural pride. Native American art history expressed in jewelry, quillwork, beading, and creation of items for everyday living are replete in symbolism incorporating precious and semi-precious stones.

Every piece of work created by these incredible people indicated workmanship, pride, and cultural spirit. Native American Art History is a contribution to American History not as an aside, but a focal point in the development of the country in its infancy. Native American art history combines the cultural intricacy of belief systems and practicality of objects designed for everyday use.

Native American Art History suggests the indigenous tribal peoples did not experiment with various art forms until the advent of the “colonial presence”. It was through the social and cultural interaction with Europeans that the tribal peoples were exposed to materials that were different from those common to their understanding, such as beads.

Soon American Indian peoples mastered the art of beadwork and produced breathtaking artwork. Highly complex beadwork was created by tribes according to practical appeal, beauty, and cultural statement. Native American art history can be found at every place in America, each with its unique emphasis.

The diversity of Native American art history creates a myriad of cultural and art contributions from a broad understanding of diversity and uniqueness of these groups. This is culturally the basis as to why the word, “Indian” can be considered limiting, uninformed and biased. Native American art history is an attempt to enliven the cultures and art understandings of these diverse peoples.

Examples of other art work can be found on jewelry, clothing items, practical objects, and communal artwork. These contributions to Native American Art History have in essence become artifact as well as art.

Native American Art History has included other art forms as well to their broad and impressive repertoire. These practical items further displayed beauty and cultural pride in Native American peoples.

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